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Sharps Containers

We are one of the leading suppliers of reusable sharps containers that have been in continuous use in the health care community since 1995 and are currently used in over 10,000 individual locations in hospitals, physician offices, dental practices, labs and other facilities. Our new disposable sharps container product line was introduced in May, 2007.

SharpsAway™ offers a wide range of container configurations in both our reusable and disposable sharp containers. Our containers fit virtually any healthcare or laboratory setting, from physician offices to hospital patient rooms, to high volume treatment areas or small volume home healthcare needs.

Solutions SharpsAway™ reusable sharps containers may be configured with a complete selection of tops, mountings and cabinets along with convenient carts and transport cages to minimize handling. SharpsAway™ reusable sharps containers have a re-use life of 152 uses.

All sizes of SharpsAway™ disposable sharps containers are nestable for economical shipping and convenient storage. Containers lock for final disposal and safe transport. Biohazard labels ensure easy identification of hazardous material.. Our disposable sharps containers can be purchased individually or in case packs. They are an excellent choice for Doctor’s and Veterinarian's offices, home healthcare needs, laboratories, hospitals and for personnel who work in the police, fire, and crime/trauma industries.

Distributor pricing is available for our disposable sharps container line – call for details.

Reusable Sharps Containers
Disposable Sharps Containers

Confused about which SharpsAway™ containers to purchase – Reusable or Disposable?
Contact our Customer Service Department by using our Contact Us page located on our website or call our Customer Service number – (877) 228-2901.

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